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About the Podcast

Now you can listen to Greater Cornerstone messages at anytime from anywhere! We're honored to share these messages from our weekly workship experiences, and we pray that they will encourage and minister to you. Subscribe to our podcast and a new file will download every week. Instructions for subscribing are provided below. Enjoy and spread the Word!

Subscribing via iTunes

This is the simplest way to subscribe and receive our messages. Once set up, iTunes will automatically download new audio files as soon as they are available.

  1. Go to www.apple.com/itunes/ to download the free iTunes software.
  2. Install iTunes on your computer. You can visit www.apple.com/support/itunes/ if you need help.
  3. Click here: Subscribe with iTunes.

Subscribing via RSS

Simply CLICK HERE to be taken to our RSS page where you can quickly subscribe.

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